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It was surprising. I mean I didn't expect to die.
The second later after I found myself as a soul surrounded by others that had reached their end, I realised something had happened to me.
You know when you die it's not at all what you think. It's a whole new world to explore.
But it's weird like that; nothing in this peculiar life seems to have its downside like previously.

At first it was a confusing puzzle winding in my mind. I had too many questions like everyone else had when they were reborn in this place. And this place… was beyond magic.
The huge shimmering golden corridors that I had appeared in looked like it never ended.  
Look left – it never ended. Look right – more gold. Look forward – Same as before.
Look back and it's scary. Scary to think that it never ended.
I only say this now because back then I couldn't. It was like all I could do was see, my emotions weren't present at all. I was an empty robot with only one mission.
Left. Right. Forward. Back. Four choices?
I remember myself observing the other souls who were choosing their path and after a while my eyes finally rested on one particular soul who seemed to shine for my eyes only.

"Eleanor?" I raised my head suddenly realising I was suddenly there.
"Eleanor!" I turned to the voice calling me but all I could see was a mirror like floor and a small creature staring right back.
A familiar hand clamped down on my shoulder before I could tell something was terribly wrong.
I twisted my body around to see the person, my thoughts distracted for now.
It was James. A James I seemed not to know. Not to recognise.
I jumped back and so did he like we he had got the wrong person. Only we down inside knew he hadn't.
"James?" I gasped not meaning to say anything.
He opened his mouth to reply to his friends cry but closed it and shook his head as he spoke a second time.
"Yes. You are Eleanor. But I do not know you?" I whimpered at his question. I did know him!
Only I couldn't point out how.
I started to turn around as he began to leave but paused as my eyes caught the light that shone from the floor.
"These lights remind me of that time, James. The time we both looked across that sea at moonlight. It was cold, wasn't it James?" I had said something I didn't quite understand but James reacted like he did. He looked at me and smiled.
"Yes. It was cold."
I smiled back and like as nothing had happened James turned and left.
It had only been a minute and everything had made this life become darker.
Random story :)
15LuccaHunter Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Another story, Charlie!! Yay! :squee: xD
LCShadow Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
Lol I'm not sure about this one though .... Thoughts please? Haha thanks
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